Nov 25, 2012


Lotte Jet. Here on a technicality as according to the powers that be, whitby jet is officially a mineraloid (so let's just put that aside for one moment). I bought this for my wedding. Didn't wear it in the end but it's still one of my favourite things.
Miss Pickering The dresser in my sitting room. Displaying stuff procured at car boot sales. Including a big piece of quartz, actual mineral. I am a nerd of the highest order.

Nov 18, 2012


Miss Pickering The morning after the night before.
Lotte I'm sorry to the vegetarians tuning in, you may wish to look away now.

Nov 11, 2012

Wild & Woolly

Lotte Literally.
Miss Pickering Wild clematis / Old man's beard. I once used it in an arrangment for a magazine. They didn't like it.

Nov 4, 2012

Close but no cigar

Miss Pickering Does anybody ever remember the person that comes second? Except maybe Blake in the 200m final.
Lotte The missing jigsaw piece. Always a pisser.