Feb 24, 2013

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

Lotte  Previously a pair of antlers. Previously are were a kind of family heirloom. They used to hang at the top of the stairs until we found out the nail holding them up apparently wasn't up to the job.
Miss Pickering The helicopter spends more time crumpled in a heap on the floor that it does in the air. Hours of fun for all the family, fighting over the remote control.

Feb 17, 2013


The Floral Coalition Flower School.
Begins Monday 20th May. Stamford.

Feb 10, 2013


Lotte  Got some brass.
Miss Pickering  Brass-o. The design hasn't changed since it's introduction in 1905.

Feb 3, 2013

Field Day

Miss Pickering  Instax from a long dog walk
Lotte  Th' bonnie bonnie banks ay Loch Lomond the-day