Mar 31, 2013


Miss Pickering Pig,with fennel for the vegetarian viewers.
Lotte  Chez Grandad

Mar 24, 2013


Miss Pickering  Jasmine on the windowsill they WILL be open for the wedding...
Lotte  Buttons

Mar 17, 2013


Lotte  Chairs by Glasgow City Council.
Miss Pickering  When it never looks as pretty as it does in the book. I'm looking at you Yottam.

Mar 10, 2013


Lotte  Day-trip plans kiboshed. On the other hand, snow FTW
Miss Pickering Men bearing gifts that are edible at precisely the time you could eat a horse. not literally.

Mar 3, 2013

The Floral Coalition flower school

Monday May 20th 2013 
To be held at Miss Pickering's shop, Stamford, England.
It's that time of year when spring slams into summer and the resulting explosion is of frilled tulips, ranunculus, narcissus, AND peonies. A heady mix for the floral glutton.
Both Lotte and Miss Pickering will be teaching so you'll get to see how two different florists approach the same flowers. We'll be covering the techniques of a hand tied bouquet, arrangement, a corsage, as well as insider knowledge on how to show off the flowers of spring to their best advantage.
All flowers, tools, and containers are included, along with light refreshments and a lunch.
Please bring a basket/box/wheelbarrow to take your work home in.
To purchase your place click here or if you prefer you can click here. Either way.
Tartan skirt, set of pearls and a twinset are optional.

Blessing in disguise

Lotte  Snapped amaryllis because I get to bring them in the house. Sneaky.
Miss Pickering  My Grandmother on her 90th birthday. on the one hand champagne, on the other i'm as old as the hills.