Sep 29, 2013


Miss Pickering It's complicated
Lotte  iphone only this week as am in post-wedding apocalypse (the girls made me this when I came home).

Sep 22, 2013


Lotte  Walls. After Modernisation.
Miss Pickering Flour. Pancakes for breakfast

Sep 15, 2013


Miss Pickering  Red sky in the morning, sailors warning.
Lotte  As close as I'm getting.

Sep 8, 2013


Lotte  The tricky dish I always want to use but rarely do.
Miss Pickering I have escaped to the sea, too cold to go in any deeper

Sep 1, 2013


Lotte  French. Un-ironed. Nothing gets an iron here.
Miss Pickering I never know if it's acceptable for a florist to take flowers to a dinner party? So i took stuff from the garden wrapped in a bit of old curtain