Jun 30, 2014


Miss Pickering  You get nothing for a pair, not in this game.
Lotte  Visited the Kelpies today

Jun 23, 2014


Miss Pickering Lavenders blue dilly dilly, lavenders green, when i am King dilly dilly, you shall be Queen
Lotte  Hat

Jun 17, 2014


Miss Pickering  about life being as calm and pretty as my instagram account suggests it is.
Lotte  At the Kelvingrove Museum

Jun 10, 2014


Lotte  Barbeez
Miss Pickering Branding

Jun 1, 2014


Miss Pickering  Fascinated by Kimye's wedding. Were the flowers grey? or is that a filter? The mock up he got her for Mother's Day was green, i may have seen the video...Who designed it? so many questions.
Lotte  Beckham. What the F is he on about now